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Electronic Detection K9s

Veterans Lab Service, Inc (VLS) is proud to welcome three new canine teams to support its mission of Stay Secure. Stay Safe.

K9s Layla, Sergeant, and Queenie will join Team VLS in June 2021. Each of them is an Electronic Storage Detection K9 (ESD K9) specially trained to detect the scent of electronic storage devices.  They can be deployed during crime scene searches, search warrant activities, and private sector engagements to enhance site security (e.g. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)). Our ESD K9s are available for deployment and service to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Having access to these specialty canines provides a force multiplier for communities challenged by the difficulty to detect digital devices for evidence. It is reported by Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) that over 200,000 children are bought and sold online in the United States each year. Because of this, Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigators often fear that they are leaving crucial evidence behind. ESD K9s like Layla, Sergeant, Queenie, and their handlers, can assist law enforcement searches to find electronic evidence where human searchers have difficulty discovering. Based on our research, it is believed that 28% of searches utilizing ESD K9s finding electronic evidence overlooked by trained human searchers.


Hello! My name is Layla. My handler Spence and I will serve and protect communities in the Midwest and Southwest regions of the United States. We help you protect your community, fight human trafficking, and protect your organization from insider threats by using my unique skill to detect electronic storage devices.

Hello! My name is Sergeant. My handler Heather and I will protect communities in the Delaware, Maryland, Southern PA, DC, and Northern VA region. When you need to locate hidden or covert electronic evidence, give us a call!

Hello! My name is Queenie. My handler Shelley and I enjoy working to make your community secure and safe. We serve alongside Sergeant and his handler. To learn more about how we can help you succeed at your mission, please contact us.


  • Our K9s and handlers are trained and certified by Jordan Detection K9 in Indianapolis, Indiana.   Based on their training, our handlers demonstrate great control of sensitive and proprietary information when working a search for your investigation.
  • Our K9 handlers execute and operate with integrity, respect, and commitment to serve while performing their duties.


  • Electronic Storage Detection K9s (ESD K9s) are unique and provide an enhanced value over other specialty K9s – like cell phone detection K9s. Based on our research and training, cellphone detection K9s detect a different odor.  ESD K9s detect a unique odor of a chemical placed on the circuit board of electronic devices during the manufacturing process.  This scent detection capability allows ESD K9s to detect more devices than cell phones, and the ability to find undetected and hidden electronic storage media containing contraband.
  • ESD K9s provide enhanced value by providing the capability to detect locations where electronic devices and contraband were recently housed, and a wider number of types of electronic devices/contraband. This allows investigators with additional clues and leads that other scent detection K9s cannot provide.
  • In a correctional setting, ESD K9s provide enhanced value by allowing wardens and their staff to deploy them in more settings and detecting more categories of electronic contraband. The electronic contraband threats to correctional facilities are significant, and ESD K9s provide a force multiplier to combat various security threats.
  • ESD K9s can smell digital evidence that trained human searchers have difficulty seeing and detecting.
  • Because of the unique scent our ESD K9s are trained to detect, they can locate a broader spectrum of electronic storage devices beyond cellphones. These include:
    • Computers and Laptops
    • Thumb drives
    • External hard drives
    • Digital Cameras and SD cards
    • Hidden “nanny” Cameras
    • SIM cards, and
    • Tablets

Want to learn more about Electronic Detection K9s, their history, and how they are used to protect and serve communities?