COVID-19 Testing

Along with our lab and joint venture Team partners, Veterans Lab Services is a recognized leader in COVID-19 testing. By the end of 2020, Veterans Lab Services and our Team partners will be the primary testers of 20% of the US population through state contracts alone.

Our Team tests the populous of various states (such as Texas, Michigan, and South Carolina to name just a few), universities and colleges (including students, faculty/staff, and athletes), municipalities (like the City of Dallas and Dallas County), as well as, organizations, churches, and corporations.

We believe that our Team represents the nation’s most experienced mobile medical group of COVID-19 field testers. Processing and resulting thousands upon thousands of weekly patients is an expertise that brings immense pride to our Team.

Along with the US National Guard, our Team of medical professional medical women and men serve as front line leaders in COVID-19 testing and public health.

Veterans Lab Services is also at the forefront for field medical testing and staffing relating to innovations in blood, nasal, and saliva rapid Antigen testing and vaccinations.

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Lab Services

VLS is the only private lab with the capabilities to provide both digital forensic and forensic toxicology analytical services.

Forensics Toxicology

VLS can provide toxicology services for testing blood, urine, and even the latest technological advances with oral fluid drug testing.

Digital Forensics

VLS’ Digital Forensics Laboratory provides world-class digital and multimedia evidence preservation, extraction/recovery, collection and analytical services.

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VLS is a combat disabled veteran owned small business.  We understand the value of mission success.  We understand that to achieve mission success one must have high standards for which one is judged.  VLS is positioned to become the only private internationally accredited forensic lab in the United States that can perform both digital forensic and forensic toxicology services.  Surrounding ourselves with people of honor, integrity, character, and top tiered credentials in their area of expertise allows VLS to ensure we meet our customer’s highest standards and expectations.

The bottom line is that it is all about trust and quality.  VLS is positioned to become the only private internationally accredited lab in the United States that can perform BOTH digital AND toxicology services in a “one stop shop.”

There are approximately 90 internationally accredited labs in the world and only 13 are private labs.  VLS is on the path to become the 14th.  Our expertise and services are second-to-none.  Our international accreditation will prove to our customers that our laboratory personnel, protocols, controls, and facility conform to standards set by the international community.  The accreditation standards we conform to are the same that the FBI, DEA, and other federal law enforcement crime labs meet.  Because VLS is positioned to become internationally accredited, it demonstrates our technical competency and ensures that our test results and analytical products are consistent, accurate, trustworthy and conform to industry-standard protocols.

Digital Forensics is the sub-domain under Forensic Science that addresses digital evidence found on digital media.  Digital evidence can be found on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, network environments, mobile phones, and vehicles.  Having a trusted partner that possesses the knowledge, training, and expertise to preserve, extract, collect, and analyze digital evidence in a forensically sound manner is valuable no matter if you are involved in an administrative, civil, or criminal proceeding.