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VLS is the only private lab with the capabilities to provide both digital forensic and forensic toxicology analytical services.

Forensics Toxicology

VLS can provide toxicology services for testing blood, urine, and even the latest technological advances with oral fluid drug testing.

Digital Forensics

VLS’ Digital Forensics Laboratory provides world-class digital and multimedia evidence preservation, extraction/recovery, collection and analytical services.


VLS personnel have created a lab services paradigm that serves Collection needs of clients and the chain of custody, track and trace mandates that labs must adhere to routinely.  VLS can provide Collectors and onsite managers for the collection of infectious disease testing, where strict sanitation requirements are required by credentialed medical professionals; testing for Drugs of Abuse using urine drug test (UDT) standards, blood draws from licensed phlebotomists, or the latest in innovative oral fluid drug testing (OFDT) using presumptive screening at the point of collection/care (POC), as well as, lab analysis for that same specimen.  Since OFDT was approved by the HHS in October 2019 for use in 2020, VLS believes that OFDT will soon become the new Drugs of Abuse gold standard for testing Drug Free Workplaces and for employers who employ and/or contract with Safety Sensitive employees such as the DOT, etc.

VLS has created a Drug and Alcohol Prevention Plan for entities that includes: Designated Account Executive; Collection Site Management; Recordkeeping; Training to include On Site Supervisor and Employee Training; Random Employee Testing management and documenting; Statistical Data Reporting; QC Management; Assistance with Compliance Audits; Data Provider of Program Information.  In addition, participant employees receive testing scheduling, testing pool management, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Supervisory Material, Online-based Supervisory Training Module, Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services.

Drug and Alcohol testing includes Certified Laboratory Services, Medical Review Officer (MRO), Resulting, Collectors, Collection Kits, Special Packaging of Post-Accident Kits, S/H, HIPAA compliant reporting, and Clearinghouse Duties which includes: Collection Site Fees; Initial and Confirmation Lab Testing; MRO; S/H.  In addition, VLS will provide Background/History Checks (including Safety Performance Checks.)  Additional services that VLS can perform include:  Extended Testing and Analysis; Expanded Drug Panels (NON-DOT); On-site/Mobile Collection Devices; Overnight Shipping/Handling; Additional Training Materials that include Employee Guides, Supervisor Guides, Hotline posters, Video Training Modules/booklets; Professional Fees.

If genetic testing is needed, VLS can provide non-invasive DNA testing and pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing, in some cases without provision of a separate specimen.  Should a Respiratory Pathogen Profile (RPP) be requested, then VLS can provide that as well.  Infectious disease such as COVID-19 or Influenza A, Influenza B, etc. can be provided in either a standard nasopharyngeal swab test with buffer or with a non-invasive oral fluids test kit that comes with a viral suppressant transport medium.  Collectors such as Medical Assistants can be secured for on-site testing as can a medical field team of Managers, Nurses, Ordering Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Medical Doctors, or Doctors of Osteopathy.

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Digital Forensics

VLS personnel have the breadth and depth of experience needed to review, understand, and solve any customer digital evidence challenge.  VLS personnel are able to address and answer probative questions regarding digital evidence.  Our experience allows us to utilize a forensic process that ensures digital evidence is properly preserved, collected, extracted/recovered, and analyzed according to industry and international standards.  The following is a snapshot of some of the VLS professional experience:

  • Conducted over 1,000 digital forensic examinations;
  • Conducted and led digital forensic investigations for the United States Department of Defense;
  • Designed digital forensic lab environment and training curriculum for the United States National Defense University (NDU);
  • Designed and delivered digital forensic curriculum for the United States Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3) National Center for Digital Forensics and Academic Excellence (CDFAE) Program;
  • Serve as Board Members for the Digital Forensic Certification Board (DFCB), a subsidiary of the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators (IAFCI).


VLS personnel meet the highest training and performance standards established by our industry peers.  Our team members hold the following industry certifications and licenses which demonstrate why customers can trust us when facing any digital evidence challenges:

  • CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional issued by ISC2
  • ACE: AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) issued by AccessData
  • EnCE: Encase Certified Examiner issued by OpenText
  • DFCP: Digital Forensics Certified Practitioner issued by DFCB
  • CVSE: Certified Vehicle Systems Examiner issued by Berla Corporation
  • CCE: Certified Computer Examiner issued by ISFCE
  • CFCE: Certified Forensic Computer Examiner issued by IACIS
  • CCO: Cellebrite Certified Operator issued by Cellebrite
  • CCPA: Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst issued by Cellebrite
  • CCME: Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner issued by Cellebrite
  • Texas Private Investigator Licenses
  • Maryland Private Detective Licenses


Vehicle Forensics: VLS DFL offers its customers the capability to preserve, collect, extract, and analyze digital evidence from vehicle infotainment systems utilizing Berla’s iVE Ecosystem. Since 2008 automobile manufacturers have designed and fielded vehicles with increasing amount of digital media, communication equipment, and monitoring systems. There are currently 17,000+ make/model of vehicles worldwide that VLS is able to analyze on behalf of customers. iVE is the only vehicle forensic solution on the market and VLS personnel are certified to use this solution. Analyzing vehicle infotainment systems can glean metadata that is probative to traditional criminal and civil investigations. Most novice users of vehicles do not realize the extent of digital evidence that reside on modern connected vehicles. Infotainment systems collect metadata pertinent to investigations beyond EDR crash data.  VLS has the expertise to preserve, collect, and analyze this data.  VLS believes that at least 80% of all criminal offenses involve vehicles.

Mobile Forensics: VLS DFL utilizes Cellebrite UFED in its catalog of services and capabilities. VLS believes that 90% of criminal cases within the United States have digital evidence residing on mobile devices.  America jurisprudence became aware of the value of mobile phone evidence in 2016 when the FBI was unable to crack an encrypted cell phone of a terrorism suspect. It is reported that Cellebrite was able to successfully access the digital evidence on behalf of the FBI. VLS intends to offer analytical services using the Cellebrite UFED software and hardware solution. This offers tremendous value to VLS customers. VLS personnel currently teach Mobile Forensic to upper level college students at the University of Maryland –Global Campus (UMGC).  Combining our knowledge of mobile forensics with other technical capabilities allows VLS DFL to provide value other competitors cannot.

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VLS is a combat disabled veteran owned small business.  We understand the value of mission success.  We understand that to achieve mission success one must have high standards for which one is judged.  VLS is positioned to become the only private internationally accredited forensic lab in the United States that can perform both digital forensic and forensic toxicology services.  Surrounding ourselves with people of honor, integrity, character, and top tiered credentials in their area of expertise allows VLS to ensure we meet our customer’s highest standards and expectations.

The bottom line is that it is all about trust and quality.  VLS is positioned to become the only private internationally accredited lab in the United States that can perform BOTH digital AND toxicology services in a “one stop shop.”

There are approximately 90 internationally accredited labs in the world and only 13 are private labs.  VLS is on the path to become the 14th.  Our expertise and services are second-to-none.  Our international accreditation will prove to our customers that our laboratory personnel, protocols, controls, and facility conform to standards set by the international community.  The accreditation standards we conform to are the same that the FBI, DEA, and other federal law enforcement crime labs meet.  Because VLS is positioned to become internationally accredited, it demonstrates our technical competency and ensures that our test results and analytical products are consistent, accurate, trustworthy and conform to industry-standard protocols.

Digital Forensics is the sub-domain under Forensic Science that addresses digital evidence found on digital media.  Digital evidence can be found on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, network environments, mobile phones, and vehicles.  Having a trusted partner that possesses the knowledge, training, and expertise to preserve, extract, collect, and analyze digital evidence in a forensically sound manner is valuable no matter if you are involved in an administrative, civil, or criminal proceeding.