Team Information

  • Designation: Director
  • Company: Veterans Lab Services

In his youth, he was one of America’s most accomplished athlete/leaders when he earned a position on Team America, the USA National Team, for the first ever Youth World Cup of soccer. He went on to set scoring record after scoring record at every level he played. He was offered professional contracts overseas while still in high school but chose to stay stateside and attend college where he excelled. He was a multi-team, unanimous All America selection in college and was even named to his school’s Hall of Honor in just his Junior year. He went on to play professionally, then became a professional player/coach, before hanging up the cleats and becoming a GM.

Earning his National Coaching License as a teen, he was instantly regarded as an elite US soccer coach.  He began scouting for the Olympic Development Program where he eventually became a staff coach. He also coached at the college level and is currently a Board Member for two WPSL teams here in the US. He also assists a prominent Israeli based cognitive engineering platform that was researched and created by NASA and DARPA for brain myelination development in fighter pilots. When the technology was declassified, it was repurposed for brain science development for soccer and hockey players globally. His sports and management experience does not end with soccer as he was also an owner of a WSHL hockey franchise in Vancouver and was a WSHL Governor.

An MBA in healthcare, he has years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector where he worked with science and innovation leaders in Infectious Disease and Rare Diseases, Allergy and Immunology, Endocrinology and Diabetes, as well as, CNS which led to his transition to brain science post “Big Pharma.” Experience with the FDA, CDC, and the PhRMA Code, combined with his experience as both a Preceptor in Otolaryngology and a Preceptor in Allergy and Immunology, proved valuable as a catalyst to inspire him to develop the world’s first and only medication reconciliation (MedRec) platform with track and trace, chain of custody standards to umbrella traditional EMR/EHR systems in a “patient gateway” that empowered patient choice.

This innovation led him into the markets such as DME, O&P, and Toxicology. Seeing deficiencies in the Tox world, he opened and ran his own CLIA/COLA toxicology lab where he served both the medical community as well as private and public industry in preventative medicine pursuits. Testing for such things as toxicology, blood wellness, pharmacogenomics (PGx), Respiratory Pathogen Profiles (RPP), and monitoring of drugs of abuse through urine drug testing (UDT) and oral fluid drug testing (OFDT) creates a value proposition for entities and organizations that prioritize the health and wellness of their employees, contractors, and the public at large.